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Unique Visitor Statistics

Trusted Pros now offers a Unique Visitors metric as well. In the simplest of terms, this number represents how many pairs of eyes viewed a particular website during a specified period of time. It can help you better understand the size and reach of a website's audience and is useful for:

Strategy and investment teams measuring a brand's reach

Publishers assessing the exposure for a competitor's piece of content

Advertisers quantifying the impact of our company's reach

You can view the Unique Visitors metrics below, broken down by Year, Date, Month and Hour and even our best day on record thus far!

Fun Facts:

Busiest Day : January 29, 2020 :: 12,963 Unique Hits

Busiest Month : January, 2020 : 9,653 Unique Hits

Busiest Hour : 14:00 : set on January 6, 2020 480 Unique Hits

Vew 2019 Statistics :: Total Unique Hits This Year 16,631

Vew 2020 Statistics :: Total Unique Hits This Year 29,682

Vew 2021 Statistics :: Total Unique Hits This Year 10,224

Unique Visitors VS. Page Views

Page views are important for understanding how many impressions the website makes. For example, each time you load a page or refresh the page it counts as a page view.

The unique visitor's metric gives you a sense of the size of your audience and the broad range of new visitors the website receives. The number of unique visitor's counts more as far as SEO or SERPS -- as it shows the number of new users reaching your site on a daily basis, increasing your exposure to a larger audience.

Now you may already have visitor's loyalty that return and engage on your website but the idea is to increase your rang and thats why unique visitors are more important.

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