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Since July of 2019, Canadian and US homeowners have used to find professional contractors in their region for their home projects. At Trusted Pros you will find the finest and best contractors in your region. Of course view the contractors listing and overall score and reviews to make an informative decision on whether or not to hire them for you project.

All contractors submitted are manually verified by a Trusted Pros Staff Member, and customer ratings and reviews are prominently displayed on their business profile page and not the opinion of Trusted Pros.

Trusted Pros is a contractor's directory offering all contractors big or small a chance to gain clients, reputation and increased exposure through our directory. We pride ourselves on providing contractors a place to be listed for FREE with no obligations, unless they choose to decide to promote their business; but we will never hassle or remove a listing unless the owner requests it themselves.

Trusted Pros will help contractors in Canada across all 10 provinces, and United States across all 52 states, as we are always updating the cities and towns database to insure we meet all contractors' needs.

Unlike our predecessor at we believe every contractor has the right to be listed without any biased opinions of the directory owners, or incentives to boost the competition against another contractor genre. Yes there are some shady contractors out there but the same goes for some clients who change things up during the project's completion, however it's up to the client and the contractor to work this out.

It's all about Trust -- and Trusted Pros is here to help contractors and you find that professional that will do the job right the first time.

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